Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Envelope Stuffing Work from Home

Envelope Stuffing - Legitimate Home Money Making Opportunities?
Home based stuffing envelope business opportunity has been around for decades as people continued to look for ways to make money to support the family. The ads and the media used continued to evolve with time. Nowadays, apart from daily newspaper, electricity and telephone poles, internet are swarmed with envelope stuffing work from home opportunities ads.
And as usual, here's the ads list of stuffing envelope jobs and opportunities:-
  • Legitimate Home Money Making Opportunities. Stuffing Envelope At Your Free Time!
  • Stuffing Envelope Jobs. Easy Pay!
  • Increase Income Opportunity. Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Companies Recruiting Now!
  • Work At Home Real Home Based Business. Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Jobs. Guaranteed To Improve Your Income, Or Your Money Back!
  • Are Stuffing Envelopes A Legitimate Job? You Bet. We Are The Living Prove. Join Now!
  • Genuine Work From Home Jobs. Free Envelope Stuffing Jobs. Earn Thousand Of Dollars A Month!

The US Postal Inspectors Report revealed that the most common work-at-home scam is envelope stuffing. Yes, it is an extremely famous form of scam. Yet, every year hundred of thousands of people in the US continue to fall for it.

Here's how Envelope Stuffing Work from Home scheme work.

When you respond to the ads by paying them certain amount of money, you will receive an outdated list of companies that you never know existed which you can contact and be the middleman to sell their products to consumers. The truth is, there's no way you can contact this companies as the address given normally do not exist. Some do have telephone numbers (although mostly don't), but they do not belong to this imaginery companies.

Apart from it you are also given an instruction of how to place this same "envelope-stuffing" ads in all sort of media including the internet. Since you cannot capitalise on the first "Business Opportunity" offered by the program, this is the only option left for you.

Bottom line: The only way you'll earn any money, is if people respond to your Envelope Stuffing Work from Home Business Opportunity and pay you to know how it works. And basically repeating what has been done to you.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How To Be Wildly Successful With Online Multi-Level Marketing

Online Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a creative and interesting Marketing System powered by a complex automated compensation plans that are not meant to be figured out by anybody except the program owners. Other names for it might includes Downline Club, Matrix System, Forced Matrix and many more.

The key here is Leverage. If you want to be successful with Online Multi-Level Marketing, then you have to be the "Program Owner". Here are the things that one need to do to be "Wildly Successful with Online MLM":-
  • Ask someone capable to create you a system or improvise an existing Compensation Plan of other programs.
  • Then create a really persuasive copywritings that explain vaguely about how the system works and yet boldly describe the potential earnings they WILL get in 6 months time if they join-in today. Yes, Today. Right Now. Right This Very Minute.
  • Describe how you have perfected the systems after years of extensive research and development, and personal sacrifices. All works have been done for them. It is failure proof. And all of these for the benefit of the prospects, if they join-in today, that is.
  • Show them all the figures they should be getting pretty soon that make it impossible for them not join in now. It doesn't really matter what the product is that you want to sell. Because you are not really selling the product. You are selling a Perfected System. An insanely rewarding Compensation Plan that nobody can afford to refuse.
  • After you have put in place your website, start promoting it all over the internet. The ads should focus on recruiting Leaders to join in as soon as possible at this Pre-Launching Period. "Best Paying Network Marketing Company. Secure Your Position Now. Join Us Today". Also mention boldly the Big Launching Date about six months later. Advertise everywhere you possibly can at this early stage. This is your 80 percent work from the 80/20 rule.
  • Then watch your system grows, leveraged and powered by internet technology and human beings - rich wannabees.
  • Then every week, set personalized autoresponder message to each of them saying that they are doing great. They should give themselves a pad on the back. Don't slow down. Just continue their existing efforts and if possible double the efforts. Continue their recruitment quest and building their downlines. Success is very much in sight now. Continue praising their efforts with the power of autoresponder.
  • If you properly do this essential steps, six months from now you should have thousands and thousands of recruits in your system.
  • On launching day, make an important announcement that everyone must upgrade by paying X amount of dollars, in order for them to reap the benefits of their hard work of recruitments. If they fail to upgrade as soon as possible, they will loose their downlines and these downlines of theirs might become their uplines if they upgrade earlier. Make sure you have purchase enough "Bandwidth" and your payment system is properly in place to support huge quantity of payments during this period.
  • Watch your money grow until the day you close down the website and quietly dissapear from the WWW without a trace. Of course, you have to think of your own "Exit Plan" as each one should be unique.

So, if you feel somewhat guilty even thinking about this, then my advise is to stay away from the so called Online Multi-Level Marketing at all cost.

Now, I'm sure there are legitimate Online MLM companies out there. And I'm not talking about them. I'm just refering to the almost perfect Online MLM systems from people who had either been charged for frauds or those that had fled the seen without trace.

Government Bodies and Authorities have been trying for years to educate the general publics about these bogus individuals that preyed on naive and innocent victims who are honestly trying to find decent ways to earn some form of extra income. Sadly, many are "easily blinded" by the nice rounded figures that actually are impossible to achieve.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Work From Home Data Entry Job

Work at home data entry job is a very close cousin to Home Typists jobs. The different is that they are targeting mostly all unskilled individuals with the ads that mentioned phrases like "No Experience Needed!" or "Entry Level". Because of the broader target market, Work From Home Data Entry Job schemes are able to attract people from various segments of the population. Here are some of the common ads headlines:-
  • No Fee Work At Home Data Entry. No Expereince Needed. Join Now!
  • Dataentry Help Needed! Earn High Paying Income Part Time!
  • Data Entry Telecommute. All Over North America!
  • Free Data Entry Job Work. Now Hiring!
  • Data Entry Keyer Jobs. Entry Level Positions Available Worldwide!
  • No Fee Data Entry Work At Home Jobs. Hurry, Opportunity Won't Last Long!
  • Data Entry Clerk Job Openings. Apply Now For Immediate Approval!

Just like Online Market Survey Program, "No Fee Work At Home Data Entry" program promised no payment from you to join their highly experience and reputable programs. The catch is, once you are convinced with their highly persuasive copywritings, only then they would ask for your money in order for you to access their highly guarded quality employers who are desperately looking for you to do some Data Entry jobs for them. For most cases, these are simply not true.

In reality, its almost impossible to find an employer that is looking to outsource any Data Entry works it has to inexperience or unskilled individuals. Some of schemes even place Better Business Bureau (BBB) logo on their sites in order to attract peoples from all walks of life to participate in their programs.

So, beware of all the "No Fee Work At Home Data Entry Schemes". Chances are you'll be losing your money instead of gaining any income.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Work At Home Typists Jobs

Work From Home Typist Opportunity is another program that attract hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Generally people are curious as to what kind of typing jobs are being offered.
Some claim to be legitimate work at home programs that can lead to earning extra income of $1000 to $2000 per month. While others make substantiate claims of earning five figure income per month. Even with this kind of claim, people still fell for it.

Here are "Work From Home Typist" regular ads that you can see on the internet as well as on local newspapers:-
  • Work At Home Typists Jobs. Great Pay!
  • Online Computer Jobs. Free Home Typist Jobs Needed!
  • Home Typist Hourly Pay Wanted!
  • Entry Level Work At Home Typists
  • No Fee Home Typist Work. Now Hiring!
  • Home Typists Positions Available! Earn $1500 to $2000 your first month!
  • Legitimate Work From Home Typing Jobs. Join-in Now!

So how does "Work At Home Typists" program work? These companies would claim to have "typist" jobs for those who prefer to work from home. The program joining fee range from $10.00 to $150.00 or more.

Once you join the program, you will be given a "kit" to start the work. The "kit" actually consist of ways to promote the program globally. This include how and where to place the ads and advertisement wordings to promote them. Basically your job is to TYPE THE ADS promoting the companies program online as well as traditional offline media. For each new "home typist" you recruit, you will earn certain percentage of commission.

Basically, there's not much typing involved apart from typing the ads promoting the companies with the hope of scamming other people to join into the program. And how much can we expect to earn from this Home Typist programs? 0 to $10 per month if we are lucky enough that the company decide to release our payment.

Conclusion: Apart from voluntarily helping this Home Typist Program Owners or Scammers scamming other people and get richer, we are wasting our time doing something that have no future. "Work From Home Typist" programs certainly are not legitimate home based businesses activities.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Getting Paid To Surf - A Legitimate Way To Make Money?

Online Get Paid To Surf Programs
Get paid to surf the internet or paid autosurf traffic program is another program that promise ways of making money and increase income opportunity using the internet. As usual, I list down some of the most common ads for Getting Paid To Surf program:-
  • Paid Autosurf Traffic Program. Free to join!
  • Make money online surfing autosurf for profit!
  • Best paying autosurf programs. No scam Auto Surf. Join Now!
  • The best autosurf, spam free program. Earning extra income from home!
  • The very best paid to surf sites that really pay!

Just like Online market survey programs, Get paid to surf traffic exchange programs can catch your attention because they boldly promise easy ways to make money fast. Once you join-in the program, certain amount of money automatically being deposited into your account.

What they do not tell you up front is that you need to surf hundreds and hundreds of websites which will take your hundreds of hours before you even have a chance of seeing a check from them.

Of course there's a fast track to it. Upgrade your account, pay as much as you can into the program and watch your money grow everyday from your account. As long as you do not ask to withdraw the money into your real bank account, you will see those nice figure continue to increase. But once you ask for the money, you will receive many reasons as to why the money cannot be withdrawn. At least not all of them. Thousands of people around the world have been burnt and continue to be scam with Paid Autosurf Traffic Programs.

Get paid to surf the internet program will continue to pop-up almost every week now because of the demand from people who have money to "invest". The more correct words would be from "people who have money to be burnt". It is definitely very lucrative business for the owners of these Paid Autosurf Traffic Programs.

So, if you have money to spare for these kind of programs, I still suggest that you use them wisely for your Online Education. Learn the skills and acquire the knowledge of how to earn a living online the real way.

Here are excellent places to start with:-

1. Legitimate home businesses ideas for moms and moms-to-be.

2. Learn to sell other people's products and earn legitimate commissions for them. It's called Affiliate Master Course .

And both of them are free to download but very precious pieces of information for your online success.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Reading Email For Profit Programs

Reading Email For Profit or Get Paid To Read Email is another one that claim to be a legitimate work at home programs. It is one of those paid work at home opportunities that promise you to earning extra income or residual income and easy ways to make money fast. All you have to do is join the program, read the emails that are sent to you and the check would start coming in.
Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Here's the list of common
advertisement from Get Paid To Read Email program providers:-
  • Best paid to read email program. Earn now!
  • Reading email for profit. Ways to make extra money!
  • Legimate paid to read email programs. Increase your income!
  • Paid to read and click. Easy ways of making money!
  • Legitimate paid work from home program. Just read emails!

How Paid To Read Email program works.

Merchants will advertise their products with Online Email Advertising Service Providers.
This Email Advertising Service Providers will sent you the advertisements through your email that you use to join-in the program. All you need to do is click on the ads you had received. You will be paid certain amount normally between $0.01 to $0.05 per ads viewed and clicked.

It sound simple and very easy to do, right? But the truth is the really paying merchants for this get Paid To Read Email Program is hard to come by. Why? Because they do not get any return from advertising with this program. As such, many do not pay or those who had paid, would just ask for a refund.

Even if there are merchants or advertisers who really pay for this program, with earning
of $0.01 to $0.05 per ads, it will take years (not months) for you to receive a single check from the program. That is, if this Online Email Advertising Service Provider is honest or is still around.

And yes, you are right to say that you can earn absolutely much better working at minimum wage for 3 hours anywhere in the US than you can earn from this program in 3 years. So, I suggest that you stay clear of this very intimidating ads on Reading Email For Profit programs.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Get Paid To Do Online Surveys

Today lets talk about Online market survey or Get paid to do online surveys. Is it a real online jobs or legitimate work at home programs as to what they want you to believe?

Here's the typical headlines. Chances are you've seen it before:-

- Need a Job Working from Home with Computer?
- Legitimate home based businesses!
- Paid online survey companies with no membership fee!
- Trusted international free paid survey!
- Free paid online survey!
- Get paid to take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more!
- Get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour!
- Get paid to take phone surveys and you can earn as much as $120 an hour!
- Get paid to try new products (and keep the products for free too)!
- Get paid to preview new movie trailers for $4 to $25 an hour!

Of course, the ads list is much more than that. But just to show you some of the most common ones.

Q - Is this for real?
A - Yes, to a certain extent.

"All you have to do is........ and the money will start flowing-in!".
Well, with this kind of statement, you may begin to wonder, right?

Q - Can you really make money with it?
A - Now, that's a tough one. I don't remember when is the last time I get a check for taking online surveys. Maybe not. That's because I am not really a fan of online market survey programs or new movie trailer previewer.
But I do know of a person who diligently did every single survey given down to him for more than 8 months for a company. When the paycheck finally arrived, he received just a little over 5 dollars for an eight months worth of work. And he paid more than $20.00 to purchase the listings or access to their "database" and physically signing up on each of them in order to participate for the programs inside the list.

Note that they mentioned "free to join" in many of the ads, but they will convince you to join-in by paying them in order to have access to their "database".

My advice is, please value your time. Your time is too precious to be wasted on all of these programs. It's better to do some unskilled offline work for a few bucks an hour legitimately than to waste your time on all these. For most people, it just doesn't pay off.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Legitimate Ways To Earn A Living Online

There are thousands of ways people use to make money on the internet. But from my personal experiences, the most legitimate ways for average individuals and small business owners can be counted by hand. I sincerely hope to share with you only the best ways to earn a living online.
Please visit this blog often as I continue sharing the proven ways to earn income possibly while working from home.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

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