Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How To Be Wildly Successful With Online Multi-Level Marketing

Online Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a creative and interesting Marketing System powered by a complex automated compensation plans that are not meant to be figured out by anybody except the program owners. Other names for it might includes Downline Club, Matrix System, Forced Matrix and many more.

The key here is Leverage. If you want to be successful with Online Multi-Level Marketing, then you have to be the "Program Owner". Here are the things that one need to do to be "Wildly Successful with Online MLM":-
  • Ask someone capable to create you a system or improvise an existing Compensation Plan of other programs.
  • Then create a really persuasive copywritings that explain vaguely about how the system works and yet boldly describe the potential earnings they WILL get in 6 months time if they join-in today. Yes, Today. Right Now. Right This Very Minute.
  • Describe how you have perfected the systems after years of extensive research and development, and personal sacrifices. All works have been done for them. It is failure proof. And all of these for the benefit of the prospects, if they join-in today, that is.
  • Show them all the figures they should be getting pretty soon that make it impossible for them not join in now. It doesn't really matter what the product is that you want to sell. Because you are not really selling the product. You are selling a Perfected System. An insanely rewarding Compensation Plan that nobody can afford to refuse.
  • After you have put in place your website, start promoting it all over the internet. The ads should focus on recruiting Leaders to join in as soon as possible at this Pre-Launching Period. "Best Paying Network Marketing Company. Secure Your Position Now. Join Us Today". Also mention boldly the Big Launching Date about six months later. Advertise everywhere you possibly can at this early stage. This is your 80 percent work from the 80/20 rule.
  • Then watch your system grows, leveraged and powered by internet technology and human beings - rich wannabees.
  • Then every week, set personalized autoresponder message to each of them saying that they are doing great. They should give themselves a pad on the back. Don't slow down. Just continue their existing efforts and if possible double the efforts. Continue their recruitment quest and building their downlines. Success is very much in sight now. Continue praising their efforts with the power of autoresponder.
  • If you properly do this essential steps, six months from now you should have thousands and thousands of recruits in your system.
  • On launching day, make an important announcement that everyone must upgrade by paying X amount of dollars, in order for them to reap the benefits of their hard work of recruitments. If they fail to upgrade as soon as possible, they will loose their downlines and these downlines of theirs might become their uplines if they upgrade earlier. Make sure you have purchase enough "Bandwidth" and your payment system is properly in place to support huge quantity of payments during this period.
  • Watch your money grow until the day you close down the website and quietly dissapear from the WWW without a trace. Of course, you have to think of your own "Exit Plan" as each one should be unique.

So, if you feel somewhat guilty even thinking about this, then my advise is to stay away from the so called Online Multi-Level Marketing at all cost.

Now, I'm sure there are legitimate Online MLM companies out there. And I'm not talking about them. I'm just refering to the almost perfect Online MLM systems from people who had either been charged for frauds or those that had fled the seen without trace.

Government Bodies and Authorities have been trying for years to educate the general publics about these bogus individuals that preyed on naive and innocent victims who are honestly trying to find decent ways to earn some form of extra income. Sadly, many are "easily blinded" by the nice rounded figures that actually are impossible to achieve.


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Yeah, a real eye opener. "Been There, Done That". During my early days on the internet looking for ways to make money fast, I'd gone thru those delicious looking money makers. It turned out to be money suckers. LOL. And that was looong time ago. Boy, I do feel very old now.

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