Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Earn Income From Legitimate Online Banners Advertising

Online Banners Advertising has been around since the early days of the internet. It has primarily been used for branding purposes. Thousands and thousands of companies were involved in banner advertising on the internet over the years. Whether as Banner Advertising Service Providers and Brokers, Advertisers or Publishers.

Merchants Affiliate Program also make use on online banner advertisings through their armies of affiliates. Although direct sales conversion from online banners marketing have always remained considerably low, its effectiveness as a brand building and brand recognition tool have never been dispute.

Recently I had tried a rather new Online Banners Advertising program based in the UK. Its called Bucks4banners. Many Banner Advertising Service Providers companies prefer to offer per thousands impression program for small time publishers. By small time publishers, I mean legitimate website owners but with relatively low traffic volume compared to high traffic sites like CNN, Amazon or Slashdot and alike. So the chances of getting paid every month is very slim for most website owners.

But for Bucks4banners, it offers a flat rate of 5 British Pounds per site as long as you are willing to place their clients banners on 3 of your sites pages. So I consider this to be a rather good deal especially for those of us who have quite a number of websites but have low volume of traffics. You have the chance of getting paid 5 Pound for every site you own every single month just by placing 3 banners on each site.

So if you are looking for a good way to earn extra income every single month to complement your Adsense and Affiliate Marketing income, I would recommend that you join Bucks4banners Banner Advertising Program. The more site you have the better. At the moment, they do offer additional 10 Pounds joining or welcoming bonus. They pay via Paypal or Amazon Vouchers. And they also provide 10 Pounds referral commission for each new publisher you successful referred to join them.

Here's the link once again to join Bucks4banners.net.

Till next time, have a productive day ahead.