Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adsense In A Box

After the downfall of the Software Generated Adsense Sites that builds thousands and thousands of "crappy web pages" within a few minutes, there have been a shift to generic ready made Adsense sites called Adsense In A Box sold in "limited quantities" every month. The limited quantity sold is somewhere between hundreds to thousands units per site.

So everybody who bought the Adsense In A Box packsge have a ready made site that can just be uploaded to a registered Domain Name and we have ourselves a live site. The problem is, so does thousands of other people who bought the package. And yes these generic Out Of Box sites didn't work very well either in terms of getting traffic, clicks and Adsense income for the site owners.

Seeing the dismal results, some people start selling those sites that they own at Ebay for another couple of buck. Bottom line, Out Of Box Made For Adsense in mind sites that are sold almost in unlimited quantities won't generate us much Adsense income unless we personaly customize them from the beginning.

The articles should be tweak and re-write to make them different with added information of value. But many find it quite difficult to re-write an existing article than to write a completely new one.

So why not start a new site from zero in a niche that we are more comfortable with. It will be much more rewarding in the long run.

However if you can tweak and re-write these articles with added value, you can make full use of it for your sites as well. This of course only if you have the private label right to those Out Of Box articles.

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