Thursday, September 28, 2006

Google Adsense As A Legitimate Way To Earn Some Income

Google Adsense Online Advertising Program is one of best way to earn some extra income at least for many of newbies. If you are seriously thinking about legitimate ways to earn decent income then you should not discount Google Adsense.
From big corporations to individual blog owners like you and me are joining the program. In a way we are "partnering" with one of the world most promising Online based corporation - Google, Inc . If you are still new to this adsense thing, here's a link to Google Adsense guide.

How the program works is quite simple. You apply for an adsense account. Once approve, you just login into your adsense account control panel, follow the step given and make yourself the adsense script and paste it into your webpages.

Google would place contextual ads automatically on this places where you paste their script. When people visit your sites or blogs, read the articles and then see related or targeted ads to what they are looking for, certain percentage of them would click on these ad links to go to the merchants' sites. And Google will share certain percentage of these ads revenue with you the publisher.

So, in general the process is rather straight forward. But bare in mind it's not easy to earn a decent income from it. Of course you could buy yourself those monster crappy site generators to crank out sites after sites within minutes. And there's a name for these kind of sites - MFA or "Made For Adsense" sites.

Typically it's nothing much other than a bunch of links to other sites that are nicely mixed together with the adsense ads. But Google and the other search engines are getting smarter to detect these MFAs. According to them, they want to show "Good and Relevant Search Results" to the searchers. And in their opinions MFAs are crappy site with nothing much of value to the searchers. So they want to get rid of them from their search results.

In the early days - 2003 and first half of 2004, this MFA sites are really producing huge amount of money to the owners. But once the search engines able to detect and ban these sites from showing in their results, it became less effective. But some of these MFA sites are still working well for the owners especially those sites that were customized by the owners and left very minimal footprints for the search engines to detect them.

For the average folks out there though (who have limited "skills" to customize their sites) , the MFA sites are generally not a good investment anymore.

So what works now to make a decent living with adsense? Pick a niche, then choose a sub-niche. Then choose various topics within the sub-niche. Build sites for each of the topics chosen within the sub-niche.

In other words, dominate the sub-niche with multiple sites - all sorts of related to one another. In a way, its just like any other businesses. You'd be the authority or expert in a specific areas of a sub-niche. That should be our best bet to survive the adsense arena.
But bare in mind as well that this requires commitment from us. By commitment I mean, we need to produce good quality content for our niche sites. We also need to continuously promote our site online. The secret is dicipline and consistency. If we can continue producing quality contents for our sites and promote them, in the long run we would begin to see decent passive income from Adsense Online Advertising Program. My advice is make sure you try out this program.