Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Work From Home: Medical Transcription Service

Medical transcription service industry provide a huge opportunity for qualified Medical Transcriptionist. But the truth is, it is not really easy to become a successful Medical transcriptionist working from home, freelance, especially if you are starting fresh and already have full life commitments. It doesn't mean that you cannot become a successful work from home Medical Transcriptionist. If you have personal interest and a real commmitment to become one then you should strive all the way to excel as a Medical transcriptionist.

Medical transcription service industry also opens the opportunity for supporting businesses in this industry such as support services and learning centers. But the sad thing is that many who are looking for a legitimate training in medical transcription, end up being scam by illegitimate Medical transcriptionist course and training providers.

Medical transcriptionist work involved transcribing physician and other health care professionals words into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material. This include consultation reports, history and physical examination reports, autopsy reports, diagnostic imaging studies, progress notes, operative reports, discharge summaries and referral letters. Medical transcriptionist need to understand medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments in order to transcribe a clear and accurate report.

Freelance medical transcription service in itself is not a scam as many in the industry can tell you.Currently many health care providers use internet as a mean to send dictated recordings as well as receiving finished transcription materials from Home-Based Medical Transcriptionist . Of course this open up opportunities for freelance medical transcriptionist working from home.

There is a considerable amount of qualified medical transcriptionist who provide Medical transcription service from home at the moment. They are well verse in this field because of years of experience in this industry. And from these experiences they had earn trust from their former employers and the like that open the doors for these doctors to engage their services. It is not a one day or a few months job to build trust that any physician will engage our service.
Bare in mind that this involve their professional careers and patient confidentiality.

This freelance medical transcriptionist have also Master the medical terms, abbreviations and medical jargons because of years of experiences in the field and this technical writing skills of theirs are at par or even better than industry standards. Even if you are a qualified Medical transcriptionist, you still need to go and market yourself - find clients that really needs your service.
You also need to understand that you are competing with many small and medium size Medical transcription firms who have considerable number of experience staffs in hand for small projects as well as outsourcing those jobs to major world class outsourcing centers of the world such as India and South East Asian countries for bigger projects.

Unless you are seriously dedicated and committed to learn and Masters writing medical transcription line of works, and you know that this is the sort of career that you want to pursue long term, then you can try to find a legitimate course on being a Medical transcriptionist.

If you are still not sure whether Medical transcriptionist is the right career that you want to pursue, then you might want to find something easier to learn and Master. For example, learn to Master selling goods or services online is much more easier. There's even excellent free courses to learn to earn income legitimately using the internet as a medium.
Here is a list of some of the best Internet Marketing materials :-
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I certainly hope that you can gain a wealth of knowledge from all of this great and very valuable Online Marketing Guides. Make sure that you allocate some times to study and really understand this excellent internet marketing resources. Then you can have a clear picture of what you want to pursue in your quest to find the most suitable work from home opportunity for you.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pyramid Scheme and Chain Letters

Pyramid Scheme and the infamous Chain Letters are among the most popular money making opportunity of all time. They attract thousands of people who are looking for ways to make money fast or easy way to make money. Many countries throughout the world at one time or another get hit with Chain Letters Pyramid Scheme that spreads like wildfire involving people from all walks of life.

Here's how it works. You receive the Chain Letter normally with very convincing copywriting that tell you clearly that you too can benefit from this once in a lifetime Business Opportunity. With very minimal investment on your part (normally between $1 to $5) it tells you here is your best chance to become rich. The most common form of Chain Letter involve a list of 6 persons.

You are supposed to send your investment to the first name on the list and remove it from the list. Move the other 5 names up one spot and insert you name in the sixth or final spot. In the traditional way you need to send the money to the physical address attached with the names.

Now, online payment method is the preferred way of receiving money via Chain Letters Pyramid Scheme. Major payment system providers such as Paypal as well as many other smaller payment systems are being used openly to make payments. Paypal for example try to control these unhealthy transaction from its system, but as usual, these kind of people are Masters at what they do.

In the offline world one need to mail as many Chain Letter as possible or place the copy at several strategic places so that more people are exposed to the Letter and hopefully increase the chances of naive people sending in the money. Online, the free methods such as email spamming and message boards spamming are the favorite methods of ads exposure.

Normally, there are no products involved in Chain Letters Pyramid Scheme. But people are getting better at creatively varying the system so as to legalized their version of Pyramid Scheme. Many now include "products" with the system. So when you send your money, you will receive the "products" whether via physical mail or email. The products more often than not are the recycled information of how to advertise the ads and increase the exposure to your ads.

Some online scammers are also using the the pyramid system to market their "products". This certainly added to the bad reputations Online MLM system already known for.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs)

High Yield Investment Opportunities are investment schemes that promise you very high returns from your investments. The payments are given to you based on specified percentage of returns and payment intervals.

The percentage of returns can be somewhere from 1 percent to 700 percent or even more. Payment schedule range from daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Payments are made via Digital Gold Currency system such as E-Gold, GoldMoney, E-Bullion, Pecunix etc. They also use major money transfer service providers such as Paypal and Stormpay.

In some schemes you are even provided with a debit card where you can withdraw the money from local ATM machines. Of course this is the gimmick to increase your confidence in their systems, so that you will invest even more money.

Here's a long list of High Yield Investment Opportunities:-

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Also known as High Yield Investment Profits, HYIP programs claim to invest in forex trading, real estates, Over-The-Counter Securities (OTC), Offshore Banks, Third World Countries mega infrastructure projects, sports, leisure and gaming activities and many other investment programs that supposely produced extremely high return on investment.

They also claim to purchase "Prime Banks" bank security such as bank guarantees, notes, or debentures that yield also very high returns. However, in reality, no such market exists. Some even claim to have secured special ties with major Hedge Funds and Investment Houses.

The truth is, almost all HYIPs are Ponzi Scheme. Named after the system's inventor, Charles "Carlo" Ponzi in early 1920's, Ponzi Scheme basically uses new investors money to provide returns to previous investors. The scheme collapses when money owed to previous investors is greater than the money that can be raised from new ones.

People who join-in HYIP programs early normally do get some "returns" as well as "commissions" from recruitng new investors into the programs. But once the HYIP Investment Program Providers have secured enough amount of money for themselves and reach the point where they cannot pay older investors, they close the programs leaving everybody in the dark.

So if you feel really tempted to join any of the High Yield Investment Opportunities Program, I suggest that you think twice. "What goes around, comes around". That's just how the world works. Let say that we are one of the early birds and we do make some money out of our "investment". If we do not feel guilty that we are actually taking other people's money, just wait for our turn in life. We will loose something back in one form or another to others.

Furthermore, we are helping the High Yield Investment Profit's Owners (whom by the way, are Masters at creating another version of the program after closing one) get richer and richer conning others. And yes, their time will come too. No need to worry about that.