Friday, June 29, 2007

Earn Income From Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is another good way to earn legitimate income on the internet. Ever since first introduced its affiliate program to online marketing more than 10 years ago, thousands of companies had also created their own programs to recruit affiliate marketers to promote their products.

Some had used affiliate program as a very successful marketing channel for their businesses. While many others had not been able to gain much from marketing via their affiliates. Some of the reason are because they do not communicate well with their affiliates and they do not really provide marketing materials for their affiliates such as details information of products, articles, coupon and discounts for their affiliates to promote.

Now you know that it is not really easy to earn money by being an affiliate marketer. You need to choose the right merchants who communicate well with their affiliates and provide marketing materials and great information for their affiliates to use.

There are 2 types of affiliate program.
1) Manage In-House
2) Manage by Affiliate Networks.

Both have their own advantage and disadvantages. I will discuss more about it next time. For now I would like to mention about one the best affiliate program that I have ever joined since I started Online Marketing back in 2002. It is Affiliate Program.

It is from the company that I place the video above. In fact Ken Evoy, the owner of had written a very detail Affiliate Marketing Manual called Affiliate Masters Course. You can download it for free from the link. Eventhough it is free, it provide much more complete and detail information than some of the paid ebook on affiliate marketing out there.

My suggestion is that you download it and start reading it. Then apply it as soon as you can. Till next time, have a productive day ahead!

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