Monday, July 30, 2007

Managed In-House Affiliate Program

As the name imply, Affiliate Programs that are Managed In-House are those that are being managed by the Merchant themselves. They recruit their own affiliates, they communicate with them directly and they pay their affiliates commission for the sales they make.

The advantages of In-House Affiliate Program includes:-
1. the commission generally are higher because they do not need to pay any other party such as Affiliate Networks.
2. they are not bound by Affiliate Networks regulations, so they can be more flexible to hear your suggestions

The disadvantages includes:-
1. although the are many excellent In-House Affiliate Program, they are also those that are not really honest and do not pay you for the sale you might for them. You never know about it until its time they suppose to pay you.
2. take some time to reach a certain payment release level. Unlike Affiliate Networks where many merchants do opt for integrated payment managed by the Affiliate Networks and the release level can be achieve much more easily since they are combined with your sales from other merchants from the same Affiliate Network.

So there are advantages and disadvantages of promoting In-House Affiliate Program.

But generally, the good ones can be found quite easily just by searching about them with Google. If there are bad things about the company, normally you can find it in the search results.

Another good place to find good In-House Affiliate Program is Abestweb. You can learn a lot about really good merchants who take care of their affiliates there.