Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Envelope Stuffing Work from Home

Envelope Stuffing - Legitimate Home Money Making Opportunities?
Home based stuffing envelope business opportunity has been around for decades as people continued to look for ways to make money to support the family. The ads and the media used continued to evolve with time. Nowadays, apart from daily newspaper, electricity and telephone poles, internet are swarmed with envelope stuffing work from home opportunities ads.
And as usual, here's the ads list of stuffing envelope jobs and opportunities:-
  • Legitimate Home Money Making Opportunities. Stuffing Envelope At Your Free Time!
  • Stuffing Envelope Jobs. Easy Pay!
  • Increase Income Opportunity. Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Companies Recruiting Now!
  • Work At Home Real Home Based Business. Legitimate Envelope Stuffing Jobs. Guaranteed To Improve Your Income, Or Your Money Back!
  • Are Stuffing Envelopes A Legitimate Job? You Bet. We Are The Living Prove. Join Now!
  • Genuine Work From Home Jobs. Free Envelope Stuffing Jobs. Earn Thousand Of Dollars A Month!

The US Postal Inspectors Report revealed that the most common work-at-home scam is envelope stuffing. Yes, it is an extremely famous form of scam. Yet, every year hundred of thousands of people in the US continue to fall for it.

Here's how Envelope Stuffing Work from Home scheme work.

When you respond to the ads by paying them certain amount of money, you will receive an outdated list of companies that you never know existed which you can contact and be the middleman to sell their products to consumers. The truth is, there's no way you can contact this companies as the address given normally do not exist. Some do have telephone numbers (although mostly don't), but they do not belong to this imaginery companies.

Apart from it you are also given an instruction of how to place this same "envelope-stuffing" ads in all sort of media including the internet. Since you cannot capitalise on the first "Business Opportunity" offered by the program, this is the only option left for you.

Bottom line: The only way you'll earn any money, is if people respond to your Envelope Stuffing Work from Home Business Opportunity and pay you to know how it works. And basically repeating what has been done to you.


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