Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quality Contents, Honesty and Consistent Effort

You would most probably are aware by now that, any legitimate way to earn a decent income online require some effort. The more consistent our efforts, the more rewarding they can be.

The best bet for most of us is to sell or promote something and write a lot about that niche. Only with good quality contents can we expect to receive natural traffic from the search engines. Spam your way to "artificial content" can produce some result especially if the techniques are still new. But they will never last. The stream of natural traffic from the search engines will stop any day now, once you start installing those automated unlimited content producing software.

If you do not want to have rich content site, then you need to buy those traffics such as thru Pay-Per-Click Search Engines like Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MIVA, Enhance and 7Search just to name a few.

Many people talk about how easy it is to get traffic by doing "Joint Venture" with other sites that are more popular. The problem is, regardless of how good the person is, he would do a disservice to his site visitors by sending them to our site if our site do not have much helpful information to them except for some affiliate links and colorful banners all over the site. But what if you do have really useful information on specific niche on your site. You would be surprised by how many good people (who really "got it") would more than willing to recommend your site to their site's visitors once they know about your site's content can really benefit their site's visitors.

But how are we going to consistently produce quality content if we do not really love the niche or the industry we are in. That's why it is very important that we choose a niche that we really like. Something we are passionate about. Something we know a lot about. You might say "Well I like to talk about this and this, and I would like to choose this as my niche, but I have read other people's blogs and websites within this niche. Phew, they do really know about their stuffs. Compare to them, I'm nothing".

Here's the fact. Almost every niche, there's already an "Authority" in it. And yes almost every sub-niche within a niche, there's already an "Authority" in it. And yes even many sub-niche within a sub-niche within a niche, there's already an "Authority" in it.

But the truth is people like to hear real honest point of view from a real person. Even if there's several "Authorities" within your niche already, people will still look for second opinion or another honest opinion. That's why honest, helpful writing always have a place in the heart of many. There will never be too many frank opinion. And they'll come back again and again for more if you continue sharing your views. This is where trust and relationship are built. Many people use email marketing to share their views with their followers or like-minded individuals. Others just use their blogs and websites.

The real secret is focus, full commitment and consistency. If we jump from one niche to another every month, we will never see any significant result. Think of our knowledge sharing as an investment. The more useful information we share, the more "investment" we make. If we have Adsense ads or promoting other people's products on it thru Affilite Program, the return on investment can be seen from there over time.

Another important point to note - never write to sell. If you really like a product, write objective review about it. If you have never use the product but you know the kind of quality the brand name produce from using another product from them, just say so. You'll be amazed by how your honesty or dishonesty will show in your writings. Trust me, people know it.

If you are stuck with ideas to write about, of course we can always have other people's articles on your blogs or sites. Then you can add your own opinions on them. Just make sure you give full credit to the original authors. We can also refer our site's visitors directly to the original author's article. We just write our comment or opinion on our site.

I hope you can try out from this few suggestions on how to have good contents on your blogs or sites. Till next time, have a nice day.

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