Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back To Adsense!

Earlier we had talked about credit ratings problem face by many of us who seems not to be able to get out of this problem and myself included - although I am slowly moving out of this "hole". Yes, it does affect many of us. As long as it is in a manageable level don't let bad debt and credit rating issues dampen your continuous effort of building a legitimate income. I hope to discuss more on this issues pretty soon.

And today let us discuss Adsense once again as a very good way to earn income. Yes Adsense can in the long run provide us with passive income. For example Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina and many others all had achieved tremendous success with Adsense Advertising Program. Even if we cannot achieve their level of success, the real opportunity in Adsense income is still very much wide open for everyone. The question is how serious and committed are we to try out this program.

Adsense income is a number's game. The more traffic we have to our sites and blogs, the higher are the pageviews and chances of getting clicks from the Adsense ads. And we need targeted traffic. Of course to get targeted traffic, we need to put up something of value to the target visitors to our site.

The software generated Adsense Sites or MFA sites days that generate thousands and thousands of crappy pages are long gone. It might surprise you to know the facts that many people who are earning $5000 to $50000 or more per month from Adsense, nowadays received less than $300 per month in their account from the same websites that they had built using these automated page generators for the last 2 1/2 years. The effects on their earnings can clearly be seen from the end of July 2006 where Google has finally been able to "paralyze" the MFA sites income from their system.

I'll discuss more on how to stay focus and building natural site that generate traffic naturally next time. Till then have a productive day ahead!

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