Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Work From Home: Medical Transcription Service

Medical transcription service industry provide a huge opportunity for qualified Medical Transcriptionist. But the truth is, it is not really easy to become a successful Medical transcriptionist working from home, freelance, especially if you are starting fresh and already have full life commitments. It doesn't mean that you cannot become a successful work from home Medical Transcriptionist. If you have personal interest and a real commmitment to become one then you should strive all the way to excel as a Medical transcriptionist.

Medical transcription service industry also opens the opportunity for supporting businesses in this industry such as support services and learning centers. But the sad thing is that many who are looking for a legitimate training in medical transcription, end up being scam by illegitimate Medical transcriptionist course and training providers.

Medical transcriptionist work involved transcribing physician and other health care professionals words into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material. This include consultation reports, history and physical examination reports, autopsy reports, diagnostic imaging studies, progress notes, operative reports, discharge summaries and referral letters. Medical transcriptionist need to understand medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments in order to transcribe a clear and accurate report.

Freelance medical transcription service in itself is not a scam as many in the industry can tell you.Currently many health care providers use internet as a mean to send dictated recordings as well as receiving finished transcription materials from Home-Based Medical Transcriptionist . Of course this open up opportunities for freelance medical transcriptionist working from home.

There is a considerable amount of qualified medical transcriptionist who provide Medical transcription service from home at the moment. They are well verse in this field because of years of experience in this industry. And from these experiences they had earn trust from their former employers and the like that open the doors for these doctors to engage their services. It is not a one day or a few months job to build trust that any physician will engage our service.
Bare in mind that this involve their professional careers and patient confidentiality.

This freelance medical transcriptionist have also Master the medical terms, abbreviations and medical jargons because of years of experiences in the field and this technical writing skills of theirs are at par or even better than industry standards. Even if you are a qualified Medical transcriptionist, you still need to go and market yourself - find clients that really needs your service.
You also need to understand that you are competing with many small and medium size Medical transcription firms who have considerable number of experience staffs in hand for small projects as well as outsourcing those jobs to major world class outsourcing centers of the world such as India and South East Asian countries for bigger projects.

Unless you are seriously dedicated and committed to learn and Masters writing medical transcription line of works, and you know that this is the sort of career that you want to pursue long term, then you can try to find a legitimate course on being a Medical transcriptionist.

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