Thursday, July 06, 2006

High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs)

High Yield Investment Opportunities are investment schemes that promise you very high returns from your investments. The payments are given to you based on specified percentage of returns and payment intervals.

The percentage of returns can be somewhere from 1 percent to 700 percent or even more. Payment schedule range from daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Payments are made via Digital Gold Currency system such as E-Gold, GoldMoney, E-Bullion, Pecunix etc. They also use major money transfer service providers such as Paypal and Stormpay.

In some schemes you are even provided with a debit card where you can withdraw the money from local ATM machines. Of course this is the gimmick to increase your confidence in their systems, so that you will invest even more money.

Here's a long list of High Yield Investment Opportunities:-

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Also known as High Yield Investment Profits, HYIP programs claim to invest in forex trading, real estates, Over-The-Counter Securities (OTC), Offshore Banks, Third World Countries mega infrastructure projects, sports, leisure and gaming activities and many other investment programs that supposely produced extremely high return on investment.

They also claim to purchase "Prime Banks" bank security such as bank guarantees, notes, or debentures that yield also very high returns. However, in reality, no such market exists. Some even claim to have secured special ties with major Hedge Funds and Investment Houses.

The truth is, almost all HYIPs are Ponzi Scheme. Named after the system's inventor, Charles "Carlo" Ponzi in early 1920's, Ponzi Scheme basically uses new investors money to provide returns to previous investors. The scheme collapses when money owed to previous investors is greater than the money that can be raised from new ones.

People who join-in HYIP programs early normally do get some "returns" as well as "commissions" from recruitng new investors into the programs. But once the HYIP Investment Program Providers have secured enough amount of money for themselves and reach the point where they cannot pay older investors, they close the programs leaving everybody in the dark.

So if you feel really tempted to join any of the High Yield Investment Opportunities Program, I suggest that you think twice. "What goes around, comes around". That's just how the world works. Let say that we are one of the early birds and we do make some money out of our "investment". If we do not feel guilty that we are actually taking other people's money, just wait for our turn in life. We will loose something back in one form or another to others.

Furthermore, we are helping the High Yield Investment Profit's Owners (whom by the way, are Masters at creating another version of the program after closing one) get richer and richer conning others. And yes, their time will come too. No need to worry about that.


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