Monday, July 30, 2007

Managed In-House Affiliate Program

As the name imply, Affiliate Programs that are Managed In-House are those that are being managed by the Merchant themselves. They recruit their own affiliates, they communicate with them directly and they pay their affiliates commission for the sales they make.

The advantages of In-House Affiliate Program includes:-
1. the commission generally are higher because they do not need to pay any other party such as Affiliate Networks.
2. they are not bound by Affiliate Networks regulations, so they can be more flexible to hear your suggestions

The disadvantages includes:-
1. although the are many excellent In-House Affiliate Program, they are also those that are not really honest and do not pay you for the sale you might for them. You never know about it until its time they suppose to pay you.
2. take some time to reach a certain payment release level. Unlike Affiliate Networks where many merchants do opt for integrated payment managed by the Affiliate Networks and the release level can be achieve much more easily since they are combined with your sales from other merchants from the same Affiliate Network.

So there are advantages and disadvantages of promoting In-House Affiliate Program.

But generally, the good ones can be found quite easily just by searching about them with Google. If there are bad things about the company, normally you can find it in the search results.

Another good place to find good In-House Affiliate Program is Abestweb. You can learn a lot about really good merchants who take care of their affiliates there.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Earn Income From Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is another good way to earn legitimate income on the internet. Ever since first introduced its affiliate program to online marketing more than 10 years ago, thousands of companies had also created their own programs to recruit affiliate marketers to promote their products.

Some had used affiliate program as a very successful marketing channel for their businesses. While many others had not been able to gain much from marketing via their affiliates. Some of the reason are because they do not communicate well with their affiliates and they do not really provide marketing materials for their affiliates such as details information of products, articles, coupon and discounts for their affiliates to promote.

Now you know that it is not really easy to earn money by being an affiliate marketer. You need to choose the right merchants who communicate well with their affiliates and provide marketing materials and great information for their affiliates to use.

There are 2 types of affiliate program.
1) Manage In-House
2) Manage by Affiliate Networks.

Both have their own advantage and disadvantages. I will discuss more about it next time. For now I would like to mention about one the best affiliate program that I have ever joined since I started Online Marketing back in 2002. It is Affiliate Program.

It is from the company that I place the video above. In fact Ken Evoy, the owner of had written a very detail Affiliate Marketing Manual called Affiliate Masters Course. You can download it for free from the link. Eventhough it is free, it provide much more complete and detail information than some of the paid ebook on affiliate marketing out there.

My suggestion is that you download it and start reading it. Then apply it as soon as you can. Till next time, have a productive day ahead!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Earn Income From Legitimate Online Banners Advertising

Online Banners Advertising has been around since the early days of the internet. It has primarily been used for branding purposes. Thousands and thousands of companies were involved in banner advertising on the internet over the years. Whether as Banner Advertising Service Providers and Brokers, Advertisers or Publishers.

Merchants Affiliate Program also make use on online banner advertisings through their armies of affiliates. Although direct sales conversion from online banners marketing have always remained considerably low, its effectiveness as a brand building and brand recognition tool have never been dispute.

Recently I had tried a rather new Online Banners Advertising program based in the UK. Its called Bucks4banners. Many Banner Advertising Service Providers companies prefer to offer per thousands impression program for small time publishers. By small time publishers, I mean legitimate website owners but with relatively low traffic volume compared to high traffic sites like CNN, Amazon or Slashdot and alike. So the chances of getting paid every month is very slim for most website owners.

But for Bucks4banners, it offers a flat rate of 5 British Pounds per site as long as you are willing to place their clients banners on 3 of your sites pages. So I consider this to be a rather good deal especially for those of us who have quite a number of websites but have low volume of traffics. You have the chance of getting paid 5 Pound for every site you own every single month just by placing 3 banners on each site.

So if you are looking for a good way to earn extra income every single month to complement your Adsense and Affiliate Marketing income, I would recommend that you join Bucks4banners Banner Advertising Program. The more site you have the better. At the moment, they do offer additional 10 Pounds joining or welcoming bonus. They pay via Paypal or Amazon Vouchers. And they also provide 10 Pounds referral commission for each new publisher you successful referred to join them.

Here's the link once again to join

Till next time, have a productive day ahead.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adsense In A Box

After the downfall of the Software Generated Adsense Sites that builds thousands and thousands of "crappy web pages" within a few minutes, there have been a shift to generic ready made Adsense sites called Adsense In A Box sold in "limited quantities" every month. The limited quantity sold is somewhere between hundreds to thousands units per site.

So everybody who bought the Adsense In A Box packsge have a ready made site that can just be uploaded to a registered Domain Name and we have ourselves a live site. The problem is, so does thousands of other people who bought the package. And yes these generic Out Of Box sites didn't work very well either in terms of getting traffic, clicks and Adsense income for the site owners.

Seeing the dismal results, some people start selling those sites that they own at Ebay for another couple of buck. Bottom line, Out Of Box Made For Adsense in mind sites that are sold almost in unlimited quantities won't generate us much Adsense income unless we personaly customize them from the beginning.

The articles should be tweak and re-write to make them different with added information of value. But many find it quite difficult to re-write an existing article than to write a completely new one.

So why not start a new site from zero in a niche that we are more comfortable with. It will be much more rewarding in the long run.

However if you can tweak and re-write these articles with added value, you can make full use of it for your sites as well. This of course only if you have the private label right to those Out Of Box articles.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quality Contents, Honesty and Consistent Effort

You would most probably are aware by now that, any legitimate way to earn a decent income online require some effort. The more consistent our efforts, the more rewarding they can be.

The best bet for most of us is to sell or promote something and write a lot about that niche. Only with good quality contents can we expect to receive natural traffic from the search engines. Spam your way to "artificial content" can produce some result especially if the techniques are still new. But they will never last. The stream of natural traffic from the search engines will stop any day now, once you start installing those automated unlimited content producing software.

If you do not want to have rich content site, then you need to buy those traffics such as thru Pay-Per-Click Search Engines like Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MIVA, Enhance and 7Search just to name a few.

Many people talk about how easy it is to get traffic by doing "Joint Venture" with other sites that are more popular. The problem is, regardless of how good the person is, he would do a disservice to his site visitors by sending them to our site if our site do not have much helpful information to them except for some affiliate links and colorful banners all over the site. But what if you do have really useful information on specific niche on your site. You would be surprised by how many good people (who really "got it") would more than willing to recommend your site to their site's visitors once they know about your site's content can really benefit their site's visitors.

But how are we going to consistently produce quality content if we do not really love the niche or the industry we are in. That's why it is very important that we choose a niche that we really like. Something we are passionate about. Something we know a lot about. You might say "Well I like to talk about this and this, and I would like to choose this as my niche, but I have read other people's blogs and websites within this niche. Phew, they do really know about their stuffs. Compare to them, I'm nothing".

Here's the fact. Almost every niche, there's already an "Authority" in it. And yes almost every sub-niche within a niche, there's already an "Authority" in it. And yes even many sub-niche within a sub-niche within a niche, there's already an "Authority" in it.

But the truth is people like to hear real honest point of view from a real person. Even if there's several "Authorities" within your niche already, people will still look for second opinion or another honest opinion. That's why honest, helpful writing always have a place in the heart of many. There will never be too many frank opinion. And they'll come back again and again for more if you continue sharing your views. This is where trust and relationship are built. Many people use email marketing to share their views with their followers or like-minded individuals. Others just use their blogs and websites.

The real secret is focus, full commitment and consistency. If we jump from one niche to another every month, we will never see any significant result. Think of our knowledge sharing as an investment. The more useful information we share, the more "investment" we make. If we have Adsense ads or promoting other people's products on it thru Affilite Program, the return on investment can be seen from there over time.

Another important point to note - never write to sell. If you really like a product, write objective review about it. If you have never use the product but you know the kind of quality the brand name produce from using another product from them, just say so. You'll be amazed by how your honesty or dishonesty will show in your writings. Trust me, people know it.

If you are stuck with ideas to write about, of course we can always have other people's articles on your blogs or sites. Then you can add your own opinions on them. Just make sure you give full credit to the original authors. We can also refer our site's visitors directly to the original author's article. We just write our comment or opinion on our site.

I hope you can try out from this few suggestions on how to have good contents on your blogs or sites. Till next time, have a nice day.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back To Adsense!

Earlier we had talked about credit ratings problem face by many of us who seems not to be able to get out of this problem and myself included - although I am slowly moving out of this "hole". Yes, it does affect many of us. As long as it is in a manageable level don't let bad debt and credit rating issues dampen your continuous effort of building a legitimate income. I hope to discuss more on this issues pretty soon.

And today let us discuss Adsense once again as a very good way to earn income. Yes Adsense can in the long run provide us with passive income. For example Darren Rowse and Steve Pavlina and many others all had achieved tremendous success with Adsense Advertising Program. Even if we cannot achieve their level of success, the real opportunity in Adsense income is still very much wide open for everyone. The question is how serious and committed are we to try out this program.

Adsense income is a number's game. The more traffic we have to our sites and blogs, the higher are the pageviews and chances of getting clicks from the Adsense ads. And we need targeted traffic. Of course to get targeted traffic, we need to put up something of value to the target visitors to our site.

The software generated Adsense Sites or MFA sites days that generate thousands and thousands of crappy pages are long gone. It might surprise you to know the facts that many people who are earning $5000 to $50000 or more per month from Adsense, nowadays received less than $300 per month in their account from the same websites that they had built using these automated page generators for the last 2 1/2 years. The effects on their earnings can clearly be seen from the end of July 2006 where Google has finally been able to "paralyze" the MFA sites income from their system.

I'll discuss more on how to stay focus and building natural site that generate traffic naturally next time. Till then have a productive day ahead!

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How To Rebuild Your Credit Ratings Without Getting Scammed

There are basically no shortcuts to building a good credit rating. It will take time and a lot of effort on your part to make it a reality. If you are in trouble financially, try to stay away from companies that tell you that they can give you an entirely new credit identity, or remove bad marks from your credit report. Chances are, they are scams.

Here are some some guidelines to help you in the process of getting good credit rating without falling victim to one of these questionable credit repair companies.

1. Be aware of any company that tells you they can remove true marks from your credit report. Generally, a credit repair scam that tells that it’s possible will try to bombard the credit reporting agencies with inquires and hope that they won’t respond in the given time-period. Or will simply take off the remarks to stop the incoming letters.

The truth is even if the scam operation does manage to get a few bad remarks removed from your credit report, they can always be added on again should the lender prove that the bad marks were true.

2. Run as fast as you can from any company that offers to get you a new credit identity! Not doing so could land you in jail! Why? Because their mode of operation is to get you to apply for a tax identification number, which has the same amount of digits as your social security number, and then use it whenever applying for credit.

The number will come up “clean,” and you won’t have to pay the consequences for your past bad marks. Now, here’s the downfall. Lying to the federal government about your intended uses for a federal ID number is a federal offense—and guess who will take the rap? That’s right—you—the person who actually filled out the forms “under penalty of law.”

3. Another sure sign that a company is operating a scam, and not a true credit repair company, is if they try and pressure you into signing a contract with them. They will likely want large, upfront fees and will tell you that the offer expires today, or use some other high pressure tactic.

A company that is truly concerned about helping you to repair your credit will never pressure you or try and trick you into signing a contract with them. In addition, they will make it clear to you, that if you do change your mind within three days of signing, it’s the law that you will be release from any obligation.

4. You should accept that fact that no one can “repair” you credit if you’ve truly made some errors in the past. The only way to build a good credit report is to pay your bills on time, not extend your credit limits, and be careful not to apply for too many credit lines.

Do all of these things on your own and you’ll soon find yourself with a great credit report!